Our Research

The In-Home Addiction Treatment model delivers a year-long continuum of care to clients within their home environment. Specialized teams deliver a biopsychosocial curriculum that encourages clients to make choices that benefit their recovery.

The In-Home Addiction Treatment Institute works to evaluate this method, identify best practices within the model and educate the public and providers about In-Home Addiction Treatment.

The In-Home Addiction Treatment Institute conducts research studies related to outcomes for clients treated in an In-Home Addiction Treatment program.

Outcomes for special populations, such as women and individuals in rural areas, are evaluated to identify ways in which the In-Home Addiction Treatment Model addresses barriers to treatment.

As In-Home Addiction Treatment programs implement new modalities, the efficacy of these interventions is measured. Identifying best practices within this emerging model provides evidence to improve outcomes for clients accessing care. The Institute is currently working with Yale University.

IHAT Institute Clinical Studies

Soberlink – IHATI Study

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Outcomes Related to Women and IHAT Model

Overall Outcomes Evaluation