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We all Need Support During the Holidays!

Many people pride themselves on “doing it all” throughout the year and especially throughout the Holidays. Our society praises the go-getters, the super moms and dads and keeping up with a fast paced technology driven culture. However, when an individual gets sober, they are given the opposite suggestions.
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It’s the Happiest Time of the Year…and Most Stressful!

“Are we having fun yet?” Is a question I often think of in the midst of Holiday chaos. This is supposed to be an enjoyable time of year to connect with friends and family and to celebrate the New Year. The problem is, life continues to march on while additional expenses, tasks, social events and traditions pile up.
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Families Need Help Too!

Everyone knows of a family or family member struggling to deal with a loved one with a Substance-Use Disorder (SUD). Friends and acquaintances may watch, sometimes with judgment and confusion, as family members try to navigate this stressful situation.
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There is No Place Like “Home” for the Holidays!

Enjoying the Holidays at home can be both comforting but also challenging for those in early recovery and their families. There are many holiday traditions that can include alcohol and substance usage, but most importantly, family. Addiction is a family disease, and these relationships can often be emotionally loaded. This time of year can exacerbate […]
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Recommitting to Recovery: The Key to Long-Term Recovery

Recovery is an ongoing process and those fortunate to have long-term recovery have one thing in common- an ability to recommit themselves. It has been observed that people often get sober and as a result expect that life should go their way—a reward, in a sense, for their “good” behavior. However, that is not generally what happens. In fact, many individuals report that their lives often get worse before getting better. While this may seem unfair, it can be a blessing in disguise- for it can ensure that the motivation to remain sober becomes intrinsic.
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Trauma, Sobriety, & 9/11

This week marks the 18th Anniversary of 9/11- an unforgettable and traumatic date for so many. It reminds us that even though time passes, wounds can be reopened as anniversary dates come to pass and memories surface. The word “trauma” can imply a terrifying and cosmic event that occurs in a person’s life. However, traumatic events can come is so many forms-some subtle- and are proportionate in terms of their impact on an individual. What may be traumatic for one person many not be for another.
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Embracing Life’s Transitions

August 29, 2019 Summer is coming to an end, which means that a transition is approaching- small for some and more difficult for others.  Kids and young adults are getting ready to go back to school, parents, are changing gears to a more regular schedule with their children in school and the season is shifting […]
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Sober Scheduling

Active addiction can infiltrate every aspect of one’s life and occupy a significant amount of time and mental energy When an individual is in the throws of addiction, their life revolves around substance usage and the negative side effects in a conscious or unconscious way. The people they spend time with, their work and academic schedules, leisure time, lack of schedule are all impacted by substance use.
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Sober Summertime Survival Guide

Things are heating up and that means more challenges for people in recovery. Summer is a time that is notoriously more difficult to stay sober. People in recovery frequently struggle are often bombarded with the constant barbecues, pool parties, and trips to the beach. How do we enjoy the season and not get off track?
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Independence From Addiction

July 3, 2019 July 4, 2010 was the least freeing Independence Day I have ever experienced. Like most days, I focused on one thing: how to avoid the withdrawal sickness I was feeling. I was addicted to heroin and cocaine, and no matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to stop. I watched the fireworks […]
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Take PRIDE in Quality Care!

It's National Pride Month; a time in which we celebrate the diversity of the LGBTQ community and all of the hard-fought progress we have made towards equality. However, there are still ongoing challenges. The LGBTQ Community historically has experienced significantly higher rates of mental illness and increased barriers to quality healthcare
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Barriers to Accessing Treatment

“I’m sorry, we just can’t let you stay. You haven’t used long enough.” I was 19-years-old, the secret I had been keeping had just been revealed: I was addicted to opioids.
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