History and Mission

In-Home Addiction Treatment was developed and first delivered at Aware Recovery Care. Being a new model of substance use disorder treatment, there is much research needed around the IHAT model to determine efficacy and identify enhancements to the current modalities used within the model. Research, in conjunction with improving education about the model and role of a practitioner within it, is required to offer this innovative form of treatment to a wider audience. In 2013, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reported that of the 22.7 million Americans suffering with substance use disorder, only 2.5 million accessed treatment. In light of this demonstrated treatment gap and the growing severity of the opioid crisis, it is essential that new treatment methods such as the IHAT model are advanced through research and educational efforts.

In the future, the In-Home Addiction Treatment Institute plans to offer training opportunities related to the IHAT model to individuals practicing in the substance use disorder treatment field. Researching and evaluating both instructional and non-instructional interventions to promote function of organizations employing the IHAT model will be a component of this endeavor. While initially these methods will be researched and piloted at Aware Recovery Care, these educational materials will ultimately be offered to external agencies and practitioners. Additionally, the In-Home Addiction Treatment Institute will make concerted efforts to research the efficacy of the IHAT model as well as current or potential modalities used within the scope of the model. Lastly, the In-Home Addiction Treatment Institute will raise funds to increase the accessibility to the IHAT model of treatment for individuals struggling with substance use disorder.

The In-Home Addiction Treatment Institute, Inc. is dedicated to progressing the education, accessibility and research of in-home substance use disorder treatment.