The IHAT Institute

The In-Home Addiction Treatment Institute was founded to advance the research, education, and access to high-quality care for both Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder for the many that benefit from it.

The IHAT Institute is…

  • Shifting the paradigm to provide all individuals with addiction access to In-Home Addiction Treatment.
  • Working to establish and communicate the gold standard for educating and assessing and treating those that provide and receive care.
  • Leading the industry to research and evaluate the most effective methods to deliver visiting care for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment in the home.


Our Team

Jennel Fontanelle | Executive Director
Executive Director

Jennel Fontanelle embraces servant-leadership as well as a thoughtful approach to day-to-day operational management, strategic planning, and organizational leadership. Sh

Carrie Templeton | Instructional Designer
Instructional Designer

Carrie earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. After graduation, Carrie spent many years...

Courtney MacNeill | Research Associate
Research Associate

Courtney MacNeill is a Licensed Master of Social Work who is passionate about clinical research. As a graduate of Quinnipiac University, Courtney is able...


Testimonial Image

In the past, I would return from treatment and fall back into the same old behaviors. The IHAT Model empowered me to be successful in my own home. It allowed me to walk through my challenges with support and enabled me to come out the other side with skills to cope with these challenges.

Hannah B,
IHAT Program Graduate
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The IHAT Model training is an amazing foundation for evaluating and collaborating in the early stages of Recovery with a Client, then provide support services to those in any stage of Recovery. It helps you understand wellness and the integration into everyday living situations. IHAT puts the "Care" back into "Health Care" focusing on In-Home Addiction Treatment.

Rosemary Pickering,
LPN, IHAT Care Provider
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200 people a day will die from the disease of addiction. For the first time in my 20 years of surveying, I feel as if that number will decrease after seeing your model.

Joint Commission Behavioral Health Surveyor
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I’ve been both an educator and treatment provider in the past. Being able to combine my skills to empower IHAT Practitioners to serve people struggling with substance use disorder is incredibly fulfilling. The IHAT Institute gives me the tools I need to instill skills and confidence.

IHAT Trainer