Do You Need a Sober Holiday Reset?

Do You Need a Sober Holiday Reset?

Do You Need a Sober Holiday Reset?


By Sarah Allen Benton, MS, LMHC, LPC, AADC

So you survived Thanksgiving with your family…sober or maybe not completely sober.  Was this holiday week challenging?  Was it easier than you thought it would be?  Were there things that you would have done differently? Why? 

Sobriety is not about doing things perfectly. It is about knowing when you may need to reach out for more support, make changes or navigate various aspects of your life differently.  Early sobriety can be challenging because there is not a precise roadmap of how to handle it- each person has their own unique needs and way that they have navigated the rough terrain. 

This past Thanksgiving week may have provided you with data that can help to better navigate the rest of the holiday season and family events in general.  It may be worth taking some time to replay the past week and write down what went well, what was difficult and what changes you could make.  If you are working with a therapist or even an In-Home Addiction Treatment (IHAT) team you can bring this information with you to your next session to review.  The treatment team members can support you in your home environment and to prepare for any upcoming stressful situations that may arise. Additionally, the Family Wellness Department is available to support loved ones with education and coaching services that can lead the entire family system to a healthier balance. 

The advantages of the IHAT model is that it allows clients to get exposed to potential triggers to use substances in their natural environment, while providing the necessary support to manage these situations successfully.  This model of care began in Connecticut and is now available in MA, CT, NH, ME, RI, IN, FL and VA.  The IHAT Institute is also expanding and is able to train staff members in each of these states in this unique and innovative treatment model.  They are also conducting research and helping to expand the reach and accessibility of this modality to as many clients as possible.  So why not learn something new as 2021 comes to a close?  The Aware Recovery Care team is ready and expanding!



Dorothy Hamilton
Thank you, I was wondering about Esperanza device that treats SUD clients. Will it work with Suboxone?
    Allison Aviles
    Hi Dorothy, The Speranza device can be used for Suboxone withdrawal. Right now the device is only offered to a select set of people, but hopefully in the future Aware will be able to use it for opiate and suboxone withdrawal.

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