Aware Recovery Care- IHAT Model in the News!

Aware Recovery Care- IHAT Model in the News!

Aware Recovery Care- IHAT Model in the News!


By Sarah Allen Benton, MS, LMHC, LPC, AADC

The In-Home Addiction Treatment (IHAT) model began in Connecticut, but has been expanding to New Hampshire, Maine, Florida and now in Massachusetts.  Given the current pandemic, it has been ideal timing, because this model is allowing clients more access to addiction treatment care delivered in a way that allows them to be in their home environment both remotely and in person.  For clients who have been to multiple residential treatment programs away from their houses and family, the IHAT model can be a welcome change.  While it may be challenging for individuals to remain in their home environment during treatment, it is also an opportunity to work with a treatment team that can support the client and the family in making necessary changes for both to heal.  

There are also many people who are working remotely and spending more time in their homes than in the past.  This has led many to feel separated from their coworkers, friends and social support despite the increase in video conferencing.  This time of isolation, along with constant changes, childcare issues, school closures, economic challenges and fears about the future have led to an overall increase in substance usage and mood disorders throughout the country.  The IHAT Treatment Team members add a sense of social connection and community for clients who may otherwise feel alone getting sober during this pandemic.  

The New England Cable Network (NECN) in Boston recently featured Aware Recovery Care, which utilizes the IHAT model.  There were former clients talking about how this treatment program has enhanced their recovery and integrated into their lives effectively.

The IHAT Institute is training healthcare professionals in this unique addiction treatment model which is quickly growing in availability.  This has been a year of adjusting to changes, and the addiction treatment industry has had to adapt to an increase in telemedicine and other remote forms of care.  The IHAT model has been able to easily adapt to the shifts in the treatment landscape.  This model is worth learning about as innovation has been needed to address the growing addiction epidemic.  



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