My Loved One Needs Addiction Treatment- What Do We Do?

My Loved One Needs Addiction Treatment- What Do We Do?

My Loved One Needs Addiction Treatment- What Do We Do?


By Sarah Allen Benton, MS, LMHC, LPC, AADC

“Where do we begin?” This is the question that families ask most frequently when they have a loved one struggling with a Substance Use Disorder (SUD).  It is also an additional stress that these families do not need during this painful time.  Unfortunately, the healthcare system has not set up a clear treatment plan or continuum of care for individuals seeking addiction treatment.  There are many paths that an individual can take, as well as endless options of treatment programs and levels of care. 

When those seeking addiction treatment ask friends or others in recovery what they should do, they may receive a variety of responses and opinions.  This, in turn, may add to the stress of the situation.  The result can lead individuals not to receive the best quality care available, simply because they were not aware of their options.  Additionally, once an individual with a SUD is receiving treatment, families may be confused as to what type of care they should be receiving. 

The In Home Addiction Treatment model (IHAT) is a comprehensive addiction treatment program that guides individuals with SUD and their families from the beginning to the end of the treatment process.  This treatment model is also flexible in allowing clients and their families to work around their schedules, continue to work or attend school as well as address addiction issues while living in their home environment.  The treatment team sets clients up with a Care Coordinator, Certifies Recovery Coaches, therapy, psychiatry, family education, family systems therapy and community resources. 

Primary Care Physicians may even be unsure where to direct clients when they ask for addiction treatment support.  The IHAT model and programs are ideal for physicians to refer to because they support the client and family in a comprehensive way with wrap around services for all of their needs.  

Healthcare professionals are well aware that there are gaps in the addiction treatment system, and could greatly benefit from getting trained in this innovative model through the IHAT Institute.  During these changing times and hybrid use of telehealth, this model can be ideal.  In fact, insurance companies are realizing that the IHAT family system treatment approach is ideal and have been covering these services in network in several states including CT, FL, NH, MA and ME.  It is time for something new in the addiction treatment field and getting trained by the IHAT Institute could be the beginning of a fulfilling career for many healthcare professionals!



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